About the Breed

"The Norwegian Elkhound is characterized by its boldness, agility, intelligence and a gregarious nature.  A bit of a clown, Elkhounds are dog extroverts.  Affectionate and good natured with adults and children alike.  Because they have been bred to act as independent scouts for hunting, close obedience work is not their forte.  Although quite trainable for basic obedience they rarely display the slavish desire to please that one might find in other breeds (the Golden Retriever for instance).   Elkhounds usually need a tangible payoff for their work.  Food will do while faint praise will not. They must be stimulated and motivated to perform superior obedience work.  Theirs is a partnership with humans.  With this in mind they make wonderful companions."

quoted from the NERR website        



Here are a few places you can find more information about the breed.  Elkhounds aren't for everyone and you should spend some time reading about them before you decide to adopt one.  Click on the links below to hear how several others describe the breed:

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